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KSTS uses the services of flexible instructors to offer our internal courses.  If you are an expert on any a particular subject or topic, then you can deliver our courses or your own course Online. The courses/topics can be tailored  an online course and in some cases as seminars/workshops.   Flexi instructors can offer or teach courses in the comfort of they office. They don’t have to physically be at KSTS.

Terms and conditions are negotiated with the type of any particular course.


Are you a Professional ? or very good at what you do and would like to monetize your courses? Then you can do this via KSTS System! There is no charge to become a an Instructor, but you do need to apply to KSTS for basic application process and instructions on how to create your course.

KSTS Offers our Learning management System to sell courses on your behalf. Our standard revenue share is 50/50, but we offer other scenarios depending  on courses marketing and support and with the nature of the course.

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